In Pursuit of an Italian Passport – disappointment


o the 45 days of my confinement in Guardiaregia has ended. Olaf will come to join me for a few days before we make the trek back to Germany. Our plan is to explore the Molise area and drive back through the Alps before the weather turns and the holidays.

Regarding my case, nothing has moved on that front. Because of this, I have applied for a residency permit which is specifically for those persons who are applying for recognition of their heritage. This allows me to live and work in Italy for a year (?) six months (?) while my application is processing. There was a hope that the responses from the different US consulates would be in by now (as with some other applicants I have met) but it appears not to be so. Therefore, one Tuesday before Olaf arrives, I am in Campobasso attempting to get my passport copied before my appointment at the post office. Of course, it is pension day so the post office is not honoring my appointment time.

The application, which used to be submitted to the police, now is submitted to the post office so that they can give it to the police. The process is described to me as follows: 

    1.  I submit my application for a residency (basically an extension of the 90 day Schengen visa) at the post office
    2. The post office then forwards the entire application packet to the police (Questra)
    3. I receive a letter at my place of residence (in Guardiaregia) with an appointment to meet with the Questra to review the reason for residency application. This appointment has – in the past – been within 30 days but now with a backlog it is set about 5 months out
    4. I am then allowed to live (past the 90 days) and work in Italy while my recognition application processes. This keeps me “legally” in the country 
    5. However, the real goal is for my recognition application to process before the residency permit appointment 

Unfortunately, like everything else in this process, this does not happen. I receive nothing in the mail and it is now time for me to return home. I am told that the agency will monitor the mail and let me know when something arrives. Completely in limbo, I pack my stuff, close up the house, and Olaf and I make the long drive home.