Vienna: Friends Old and New


onight, Olaf is meeting up with a few of his college friends - there has been reservations at the Hard Rock Café (I know) for all of us. After some iffy navigation, we arrive just before the appointed time (18:00) but there is no sign of our dinner companions. We sit at the bar and order a drink while we wait for our table to be ready and his friends to appear however, the table is ready before his friends. We are shown to our table to wait but after 30 minutes and no guests, we decide to order. Studying the menu, I decide on a hamburger and Olaf orders some form of shrubbery thing. Maybe it is a salad. No sooner have we finished eating (and have given up on their showing up), Martin and Suzy arrive.

After several hours of conversation (and many stares from the wait staff trying to turn the table) it is time to leave. We make our goodbyes and all head off in our respective directions.