I am on my way to Vienna for 10 days!


o a wonderful flight sale notification arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago...flight to Vienna...in the winter...I jumped at the chance to visit another country. The weeks quickly passed and soon I was on my way to Austria...

…through Poland. Okay, maybe it was not a direct route but the fare more than made up for the inconvenient. My plane to Warsaw was a new 787 Dreamliner…but I was in the back so it was not quite as dreamy.

Olaf will join me on this trip – at least for the weekend. He went to graduate school in Krems – about an hour drive from Vienna – and would like to join me in Vienna for the weekend and use the opportunity to reunite with some college friends and visit the school. I welcome the company for my first few days as it does help me to gain confidence in an unfamiliar city

FINALLY – Vienna!

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