Snow on the Lange Strasse Snow on the Lange Strasse January Jan 2020 Winter on the Lange Straße Snow on the Lange Strasse February Feb 2020 A cold day on the Jeetzel field on the Elbe field on the Elbe March March 2020 A walk on the Elbe field on the Elbe Stork in a field Stork in a field April April 2020 THe storks have returned to the Wendland Stork in a field old GDR watchtower old GDR watchtower May May 2020 One of the watchtowers on the old border between East and West Germany old GDR watchtower Camel Camel June June 2020 There are camels in the Wendland! Such soft noses. Camel Tree on K8 Tree on K8 July July 2020 Hunting for the comet Tree on K8 comet comet July July 2020 Found the comet NEOWISE! comet stormcloud stormcloud August Aug 2020 A storm is building! stormcloud storks flying storks flying September Sept 2020 The storks are leaving... storks flying Arial view of fields Arial view of fields October Oct 2020 The fields from above Arial view of fields Hitzacker Hitzacker November Nov 2020 Foggy morning in Hitzacker Hitzacker Dead oak Dead oak November Nov 2020 A walk in the Göhrde Dead oak Arial view of Luechow Arial view of Luechow December Dec 2020 An aerial perspective of Lüchow Arial view of Luechow
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