In Pursuit of an Italian Passport – the return


he days turn to weeks and still no word. I send a message out. Knowing that I would need to be there for almost 2 months, I was worried about running into the Christmas holiday. Alone in Italy. I am not much for the entire Christmas thing but I certainly don't want to be sitting down in Italy alone.

A reply comes – a phone conference set for the following Tuesday. “How soon can you come down here?”

This time it is good news…my process can begin as soon as I am able to get down to Italy. I spend much time trying to determine the best course for me – do I fly down? This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get down there. But, as I need to be mobile, I would need to rent a car. This is much too expensive for me as this is expected to be almost 2,000 euros for the duration.

Ultimately, it is decided that I will borrow Olaf’s car for the time. Our trip the month prior has highlighted the items that I should pack need and which would not be needed. Once more, I wrap up loose ends, order a stock-pile of supplies for the kittens, and pack up what I think will be needed for the next 2-months-ish. I plan my drive down to Campobasso (where my first appointment would be) for two days. The first day of driving would be the longest (12 hours) and the second would be a more manageable 8 hours. So, early one Sunday morning in the middle of October, I get into the driver’s seat of Olaf’s car, and turn in the direction of Italy.