In pursuit of an Italian passport – a surprise


WhatsApp notification message appears on my watch on a lazy Friday evening while watching Netflix. I glanced at it, not paying it too much attention. My phone is charging and I don't feel like getting up to check it.

Eventually, I get up to check the message – it is from my agent Peter.

“Guess who is an Italian citizen as of today?” he writes.

I show the text to Olaf before I reply “Are you serious?”

Olaf and I are waiting – breathlessly – for the reply. 

“Congrats!” he replies.

We can hardly believe it – so much time and worry and frustration is now over! Such a relief. The next message from Peter outlines the next steps in the process. The clerk (Massimo) should finish up the transcription shortly and I need to travel back down to Italy to get my ID card, health card, and passport (although the passport can be applied for at the Italian consulate ion Hannover). I am now just waiting for the best time for me to fly down (no driving for me this time…). So close now…