Sunday’s Adventure: Der Pflaumenkuchen


everal fruit trees grow in a small orchard run by a local co-op in a nearby village. We had been promised delicious plums in the preceding weeks but the drought has delayed the fruit harvest. This will be our third time making the 30 minute ride to check the status of the fruit. The orchard is also home to apples and pears - but the plums are ripe now. Do you know how to tell if the plums are ripe enough to eat? The many wasps (and a few hornets) will let you know that the fruit is now sweet and delicious. You only have to fight them for it - and not get stung.


We avoided getting stung and with a trove of (hopefully) juicy plums we make our way home to begin the second part of this adventure – the baking of the cake!

The bounty!
Raw materials