Vienna: A Night at the Museumsquartier


laf has had a communication from one of his friends that was not able to make it last night to the Hard Rock Café. She has suggested that we meet for a drink at the Halle Café in the Museum Quarter.

A 30 minute walk and we are in the Museum Quarter – but where is this café? There is really no one to ask – it is after closing and the are is mostly deserted. The one person we finally find says the place for which we search is in the museum. But the museum is not open – we are confused. After some more searching we finally find the appointed meeting place and we settle in to wait.

Eventually, she arrives and, after brief introductions, they begin to catch up on life after the uiversity. They are speaking in German so I am not able to follow much of the conversation. Soon, she stands up to leave and makes her goodbyes. Olaf and I sit for a little while longer to finish our drinks then start out ourselves.

During our time in the café, it started to rain. And not a light drizzle or mist, but a good steady (torrential) downpour. We do not relishing the thought of the long walk in the wet so we opt to try our hand at the transit system and duck into the nearest U Bahn station. Unfortunately, we overshoot our destination and end up walking back in the rain anyway. Oh well…just bound to be wet this night.