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To Lauenburg and back again: a biking journey

A bike tour

Travel Journal

Our first overnight bike tour is planned for Easter weekend. We will be riding to Lauenburg along the Elberadweg. This is sort of a beta test - if it work and we like the experience, we may do this sort of thing more often. To preserve the power in our bike batteries, we will ride on a lower setting (tour or eco). However, there will be times that will require more engine support (like hills or a strong headwind). A common occurrence is to forget to turn the power assist back to the lower setting, which usually results in a comment of "Wow - this is beautiful! Oh, I am still on turbo!"

The 80 km (50 mile) route to Lauenburg.

Leaving the house, our first “stop” is Dannenberg. Mostly it is a stop because we need to look at the map several times as we are trying a new route…

Our first official stop is Hitzacker. Here, we plan on having some lunch and possibly charging the bikes. We will cross the Elbe here on the ferry to follow the Elberadweg on the east side.

Waiting for the bike ferry – apparently we are not the only ones. In this area, the Elbe river was the border between East Germany and West Germany.

After the ferry crossing, we follow the Elberadweg north-ish. It is a good thing we were able to charge our e-bike batteries as there is a strong headwind.

We need to take quite a few breaks – both to rest against the headwind and the shade from the sun.

Today – Easter Sunday – we make the 80 km ride back to Lüchow. Our path will be different for the return journey. We will cross the Elbe in Lauenburg and ride along the west side of the river. We begin with breakfast at the hotel overlooking the river.

We made it!

It has been a long and hot return journey but there is satisfaction knowing we successfully completed out first long-range bike tour.

We enjoy a nice glass of wine as we watch the Easter bonfires in the distance.