Saturday’s Adventure: The Ruins of a Castle


ave you been to Tylsen?” Olaf asks me one Saturday morning. I reply that I had not. “What is Tylsen?” We are on our way to a local castle – or at least the ruin of one – Schloß Tylsen (Castle Tylsen). It is actually called the New Castle Tylsen…I am guessing there is an Old Castle Tylsen. Well of course there is!! The New Castle Tylsen was considered to be one of the most magnificent castles in the area. It was built in 1620 in Renaissance style near the small castle of Thomas II von dem Knesebeck, which was in poor condition.

In the middle of the three-storey castle with Renaissance gables was the entrance to the inner courtyard, above which was a double coat of arms. Numerous pictures hung in the castle, including wood panel paintings of the Renaissance and ancestral portraits of the 16th to 18th centuries.. The New Palace was expanded during the years 1853 to 1856. After surviving the Second World War unscathed, it was destroyed during the land reform of 1948/49, beginning with the removal of the roof tiles, which were used for new buildings in the district. In 2015 the ruins were renovated as they were in danger of collapsing.

Here stands once a lovely castle built around 1620 by Thomas von dem Knesebeck. After the last world war, it was in good standing with no damage at all. In 1948, this building was maliciously destroyed - the inventory strewn in all directions or perhaps taken away.