In Pursuit of an Italian Passport – the certificates


here is a long list of documentation I need to submit my claim - a very long list. I am always asked why so much documentation. Well, as a rule, the goal of my application is to recreate your family tree and this is done by gathering birth, marriage, naturalization, and death records to show that I have a valid claim. Indeed, my entire application hinges on my ability to show that I descend from a qualifying ancestor.

Each document must also have affixed an apostille. An apostille is the legalization provided by the Office of the Secretary of State where the certificate is issued and its purpose is to certify the signature and seal on the original document and recognize it as valid for use in Italy. Without an apostille, the Italian government will not recognize validity of my documents.

Documentation Needed:

    • Great-grandfather’s birth record
    • Great-grandmother’s birth record
    • Great-grandparents’ marriage record
    • The applicable great-grandparent’s record of naturalization
    • Death certificate for the great-grandparent through whom I am seeking citizenship
    • Grandfather’s birth record
    • Grandmother’s birth record
    • My grandparents’ marriage record
    • Death certificate for the grandparent through whom I am seeking citizenship
    • Father’s birth record
    • Mother’s birth record
    • Parents’ marriage record
    • My birth record
    • My marriage record
    • Divorce decrees for me, and/or my parents, and/or my grandparents, and/or my great-grandparents
    • Records of additional marriages for me, and/or my parent, and/or my grandparent, and/or my great-grandparent through whom I am seeking citizenship

Ok! Off I go!