In Pursuit of an Italian Passport – time grows short


t is now 2021. The entire year of 2020 was spent in lockdown and in a holding pattern. I know that many of the offices have been closed for much of the year and I am waiting still for some documents out of France. Specifically for Vincenzo (my great-great-grandfather).

A check in with my agency in February and I find out that they are still waiting for the documents from France but that they have promised them within a few months (!). More waiting – at least I know that I cannot really do anything even if my paperwork was complete.

Fast forward to the middle of the year. My visa to stay in Germany will be running out – only extended until the end of the year – I need my dual citizenship to get moving forward. I am running short on time. I send another prodding message to my agency asking about the paperwork status (with a sense of urgency this time).

“Good news!” comes the reply, “We have received the letter of non-existence from France.” Meaning that they received a letter from the French government stating that there is no record of my great-great-grandfather (Vincenzo) becoming a citizen of France. This is good news – although expected. The marriage certificate was not located, however. But the words I have been waiting so many years to hear were finally stated:

"Your application is complete"