Random stuff I made – Ansichtskarte Lüchow

Greeting from Lüchow


his postcard is inspired by the style that was popular around the turn of the last century. I used photos that I had taken over the years and tried to think of what might be interesting for a visitor to send as a postcard. I finally settled on a nice photo of the Lange Straße across from the Marktplatz, the Amtsturm, and a view of Lüchow from the top of the Amtsturm.

Lange Strasse
View from the Amtsturm

Once I had selected the pictures I wanted to display, I gave them a watercolor treatment in Photoshop. This was the most difficult part as most tutorials for watercolor treatments were generally too “watery” for the look I was going for so ultimately, I had to do several layers to get just the right painted look. I also didn’t want to make a carbon copy of the old ansichtskarte but to walk the line where one doesn’t know for sure if it is modern or not. Some pretty painted flowers (a staple on these old cards) and the ubiquitous “greetings” and it was all done!