Saturday’s Adventure: Nemitzer Heideblütenfest


s the last Sunday in August approaches, preparations begin for the local Heideblütenfest (festival of the heather blossoms). I am told that every year at this time, the heather on the moor will bloom carpeting the ground with purple. I have not ever attended one but I am assures that the Heide is beautiful at this time. Today, we will go with the motorcycle.

Luckily, with the motorcycle, we are waved in through the blockade – we will not need to walk all the way in the heat and dust to the festival. Once we arrive, I am greeted by several small craft booths, two large stages, and several food trucks. One stage has music playing but the other has, I think, the crowing of this year‘s Heideblütenkönigin (the queen) and her court all bedecked in purple gowns.

We head over to the burger truck to order some lunch after which we stroll through the booths and out onto the Heide. It is unfortunate that the weather has been so hot and dry that even the Heide has suffered. The carpet of purple promised to me has not materialized.

We wander down a path to find the shepherd and his dog monitoring the small flock of sheep that is grazing on the (dead) heather. I can see that if the flowers had bloomed – this would be a beautiful sight.

On our way out, we find the carriage rides pulled by a 3-horse team. I am impressed by the ability of the horses to move this heavily laden wooden wagon through the sand. I fear they have a long, hot day ahead of them.

Despite the lack of color, it was a pleasant (albeit hot) day. Next year will be better.