So Long Austria!


t is Monday and my first flight is at 9:30. Rather than take an expensive taxi to the airport, I decide to try the City Airport Train (CAT) from the Wien touts a 16 minute express ride directly to the airport AND the ability to check your bag at the train station thereby skipping lines at the airport. I want to test it but I am a little bit afraid my bag will not follow me. I check out of the hotel and wait at the bus stop for the 74A to come along. At Wien Mitte, I purchase my CAT ticket (only 14.00 €) and head into the station in the center of the mall.

As I approach the train, I pass by the counter but I do not see my airline (LOT) listed. I decide to ask (I know that LOT is a member of the flight group in which I have gold status). The agent says that they can certainly check my bag for me and send it on through to Chicago. Great! Now I do not have to think about anything other than finding my gate (and some coffee). Coffee first I think…

I am weary – it has been a wonderful trip full of sights and sounds, history, great food, and new experiences. But I am ready for some rest. Once I land in Warsaw to change planes, I head straight for the business lounge where my Gold status gains me entry…and access to the caffeine I am sorely needing. Here I wait for my next flight…and reflect on my time in Austria.