Wendland in Lockdown: day 1


Today is my 50th birthday and the first day of the covid-19 corona virus lockdown. The word came on the Friday before that schools will be closed until after the Easter break (some four weeks away) and on Sunday, the directive came that all non-essential businesses will be closed and restaurants only will be open from 6 am to 6 pm.

The morning is quiet – much more so than a usual Monday morning. The traffic is light and the only stirring is from the bakery across the street. A few early morning shoppers arrive for their daily bread. By noon, the restaurant next to the bakery is open and there are a few brave lunch-goers inside. I do note that there are more shops open that should not be – I cannot imagine they have not heard the word. Parents and children, elderly women, and groups of teens wander through the town. I am thinking they are not understanding the entire concept of lockdown…