Random stuff I made – Ansichtskarte Ludwigslust

Greetings from Ludwigslust

This postcard is based on one from 1900 – I found the odd background and haphazard maple leaves (not a tree that is very common here) interesting and I rather like these Art Nouveau designs. I could not tell if the gradient in the design was original or an artifact of age or digitization but I opted to add it. The colors were also somewhat different as most of the postcards from this time were white (or off-white) as complete color was pricey.


I was able to use a couple of photos I had taken – one in 2015 and one from 2018. Both were somewhat uninteresting in and of themselves but once they are shrunk down and blurred, they suddenly look much more interesting. The grounds of Ludwigslust Palace have changed much in the past 100-odd years, especially in the time after WWII under the auspices of East Germany. I opted for more decorative Art Nouveau frames rather than – what appears to be – vines or roots. Maybe they are vines and the leaves are ivy…