Random stuff I made – Ansichtskarte Hitzacker

Greetings from Hitzacker

This postcard is inspired by one from the late 1960s that I saw on the Wendland Archiv. The postcard is a multi-photo postcard from several places in Hitzacker. The old chestnut tree, which has been a focal point in Hitzacker for hundreds of years, is gone now. The ancient root was long dead by the time I saw it in 2014 (luckily I snapped a picture) and had become rotted and dangerous and was removed the following year. 


The mini-golf course is also gone, replaced by the outline of the old (also long gone) schloss. The ferry remains, although a bike ferry now. I added a few (different) photos that I have snapped through the years. I think I re-created the seemingly randomness of photos that the original showed.

One of the more difficult part of this project was replicated the color and flatness of the original postcard. I still think my colors are too bright – maybe I need to reduce the luminance somewhat. I had a very difficult time matching the odd cyan-blue of the sky and water. Try as I might, I just could not match it.