Random stuff I made – Ansichtskarte Elbbrücke

Greetings from the Wendland

This postcard is inspired by one from 1908 that I found on the Wendland Archiv. The postcard contains two photos – one of the Elbbrücke from Dömitz as it spanned across the Elbe and the other of the view across the bridge from the drawbridge portion.


There is, however, a reason for this particular postcard. Olaf is taking a course in film-making and needed an idea for his next assignment. I suggested that he document these “postcards” since some local places were used. Story line (and reference photos) in hand, we head out. Some hours later, back in the warmth and light of a computer screen, I see that I have a problem.

Most (or all) of the old ansichtskten have the view of the bridge from the Dömitz side – likely from its proximity to the town. But this portion of the bridge does not exist anymore – nary a brick nor steel rail. All dismantled by the DDR as part of the inner German border. For my re-creation, I used photos of the bridge from the Wendland side, which is (now) historical marker. Of course, the Wendland side did not have the drawbridge, so I had to improvise. All in all – not too bad I think.